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Haywood Heating

Haywood Heating & Air Conditioning offers a complete line of high quality furnace products, including:

What do we mean by Efficiency?

Many times, we are often asked what does the term "efficiency" mean when it comes to my indoor heating and air conditioning?

For an example, if we were to compare a 80% efficient furnace with a 95% efficient furnace, for every dollar you spend heating your home, 80 cents is actually being utilized to heat your home (by your 80% efficient furnace) while 20 cents is going out the chimney. Whereas with a 95% efficient furnace, only 5 cents out of every dollar is being lost.


AFUE rating up to 80%. Less energy is required to maintain the comfort of your home when compared to older less efficient furnaces. more...»


AFUE rating up to 90%. Considerably higher efficiency! You save on energy bills, and in the long-term, you can exceed in savings what you paid for your furnace. more..».


AFUE rating up to 95%. A top shelf furnace system engineered to provide an unmatched delivery of home comfort and energy efficiency. more...»